Sword of Hexing

Spell-slinging sword

weapon (melee)

“Give me what I want and I’ll do you a little favor. It’s a fair price!”
-Baron Ixtabar, devil and President of the MultiGrain Trading Corporation.
These swords made their way into the market very quickly from the infernal forges of the oddly-named MultiGrain Trading Corporation, but fell out of use quickly when customer service refused refunds to anyone displeased with the quality of experience that accompanies this product. Multiple religious groups rallied together to ban them in most civilized city-states, as it appears that this weapon steals splinters of both the user’s and any target’s souls, to rot forever in the inferno._

This peculiar curved blade looks somewhat unremarkable, except for a living eye in the crossguard, which looks around and blinks occasionally. It counts as a +1 broadsword. Its proficiency bonuses do not add to magical ranged attacks. When held, it enables the user to make the following attack:

Black Lightning Attack
Infernal power rakes through your foe at range, letting you keep your distance… but at what price?
At-Will ✦ Arcane Necrotic
Standard Action. Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength vs. Reflex
Hit: 1D8 + Strength modifier necrotic damage, and the target is marked. If you miss, lose hit points equal to half your level (minimum 1). This damage cannot be reduced in any way.


Sword of Hexing

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