Alchemical Rocket

A simple tube from which alchemical rockets are fired.

weapon (ranged)

“They may not be very accurate, but you’ve got to be a tiefling to stand up to one of those things.”

Tobin’s Brass Alchemical Rocket Tube
Simple Ranged weapon
Weight: 5 lbs
Weapon proficiency +2
With the tube, as long as you have ammunition, you may make the following attack.

Ranged Attack: Dexterity or Intelligence Vs AC
Hit: 1D8+2 damage
Hit or miss effect: Secondary Attack
Each ammunition item has a burst effect that takes place after the initial hit is resolved. If the rocket misses, the secondary attack scatters D6 squares before detonating (activating).
Secondary attack:
Burst 1
Target: every creature and object in burst
Attack: 5 +half level of user (1 per plus) versus target’s reflex
Damage: per alchemical item. Possibly no damage.

To load the tube: move action

Ask your DM for more information on how to get a hold of one of these!

Information: “How do I get a hold of one of those?!”

DC 10 (History)
DC 10 (Streetwise)
Each rocket is a mass-produced alchemical item. These are treated as regular alchemical items, purchasable and available at normal levels. Each costs 100% of its original cost + 10GP, which accounts for the pyrotechnic modifications made.

DC 14 (History or Arcana)
DC 8 (Streetwise)
The Alchemical Guild of Fallcrest has come a long way since the days of the Nerath empire, and have recently begun large-scale production of these rocket tubes, which are used by military and paramilitary forces to enforce alchemist-favorable laws in the area. The tubes and ammunition may be purchased at excellent prices, and are accessible to even the casual user.

DC 18 (History)
DC 12 (Nature)
DC 10 (Streetwise)
The Alchemical Guild of Fallcrest has worked out a deal for the mining of earthen alchemical reagents from the local hillsides and reservoirs through clever manipulation of idiots. The dwarfs in the hills would have nothing to do with what they think of as “sneaky” alchemists, so Tom Torn, a Guild journeyman, managed to addict local mountain-dwelling goblin tribes to a peculiar drug called “Dash”, which grants a sense of euphoria and invincibility, and led their assault against the dwarfs, who refused to give up their lands. There are a few dwarves still holding out in the hills, and the strung-out goblins are becoming tired of working so hard.


Alchemical Rocket

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